Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comics Great Steve Gerber, RIP

(Photo from: http://www.stevegerber.com/sgblog/)

Comics creator Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck; Man-Thing; Omega the Unknown; Thundarr, The Barbarian) died earlier this week. I never read any of his comics but recently I read an interview with him and his intelligence and wit came shining through, encouraging me to look at his work.

Feeling incredibly inadequate talking about him, I'd rather let you read about him from people who knew him a hell of a lot better.

(where I heard the news)
http://www.newsfromme.com/archives/2008_02_11.html#014809 (from Steve's longtime friend Mark Evanier)
(Steve's blog)


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Pres., United Fire Comics said...

That is sad. Loved Howard the Duck.