Monday, August 27, 2007

Still from rehearsal of Global Warning

Here are some stills from the Young Principles Theater Company's rehearsal of my skit "Global Warning" at 440 Studios last night, Aug. 27. This skit is also directed by me.

Left to right: Tom (Dennis Pimentel), Jerry (Jared Scheinberg), Karl (Emily Powers), and Graham (Connie Xanthopoulos) - four religious leaders - meet to discuss a grave matter that's threatening America: global warming.

Graham (Connie Xanthopoulos) gets riled up about those "feminazis."

The four men brainstorm on the religious cause for global warming.

Karl (Emily Powers) berates Graham (Connie Xanthopoulos).

Jerry (Jared Scheinberg) listens intently as Karl (Emily Powers) puts his foot down.

© Frank Reynoso, Aug 2007, All Rights Reserved

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